Transylvania Adventures


At the heart of Europethere's a hidden land of ancient legends, medieval cities and raw natural treasures.

Welcome to Europe’s most beautiful values – Transylvania.

Following two millenniums of restless history and going to different Empire occupations, from the Romans to the Habsburgs, Transylvania is one of the oldest regions known in Europe’s history.

Surrounded by the amazing Carpathian Mountains, these untouched mountains and virgin forests represent Europe's last true wilderness and they possess a rich bio-diversity.

Its very name brings to mind visions of mountain peaks rising up to the sky above wooded valleys and sparkling streams, visions of fascinating medieval towns, legendary castles among amazing National Parks.

It is the place were the legendary prince Dracula was born, who is also known as the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel.

Our Team

Our Team Our Team

Our programs are developed by a team of youth travel experts, historians, outdoor sports instructors, mountain guides as well as social workers and various NGO’s volunteers, togheter with local people from all over Transylvania, willing to guide you to this outstanding experience.